Ditch the paper and the boring l-i-n-e-a-r virtual patients cases and use our platform anywhere on any device.Why change?

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle, created by Tracy Levitt-Jones. Data is gathered and interpreted. Problems are identified and entered into a problem list. The collected data helps you to synthesize a diagnosis and make additional selections. All data, from a storyline, is evaluated in light of the patient's issues while you contemplate decisions about other data necessary to help the patient. The repetition of this process simulates the bedside evaluation of patients.

clinical reasoning cycleUsed with permission
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Clinical Gestalt engages users through a variety of devices, providing challenges comparable to those faced in the clinical arena

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Linear cases require everyone to take the same path and end at the same destination. In clinical medicine a single finding can result in a paradigm shift changing the path and the destination.

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Clinical Gestalt provides a safe environment for medical education. Making good and not-so-good decisions helps the trainees while protecting the medical teachers, trainees and most of all, the patient.

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For an additional fee your institutional colors and logo my be used in the header and the left menu. You will need the help of your information technology department. Clinical Gestalt will need the following:

  • An image or several images that may be used for different screen sizes.
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  • A federated ID (ask IT) containing the name of your institution and the email of the user.

Why change?

Making proper decisions in an ideal order defines sound clinical reasoning and that is what we do. Trainees learn best when they search for and make decisions without the limitation of four multiple choices.

Use Clinical Gestalt (CG) anywhere in the curriculum and anywhere Internet access is available. CG is a responsive platform. Medical teachers and trainees may use any device. No special apps are needed.

So ditch the boring linear software and paper. Allow trainees to make all decisions in an environment that is safe, available, effective, and valuable. Try it.

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  • Single Secure Sign-on from Your Institution: $500.00 initial setup plus $200.00 annually per training institution. Fellowships, residency programs and medical schools are considered as separate training institutions.
  • Your images and colors setup: $200.00 one time per institution. Logo or color changes: $100.00
  • Separate Sign-on within Clinical Gestalt using basic colors and Clinical Gestalt Logo: free
  • Basic User Fees:
    • Per trainee/per year: $10.00 (Each trainee who interacts with a case will be used in calculating the fee.) Trainees may test drive a case for free here.
    • Per author: Free! Give your authoring skills a test drive
    • Administrator setup: 100.00 for each administrator or administrator change (Includes email verification with the institution and multi-factor authentication)
    • Data access: Trainee performance $10.00 per case. Individual trainee drilldown: $20.00(contact us for special requests)

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